Seawolf-class nuclear attack sub

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    While I was still in, the Connecticut pulled into Kingsbay. We got to take a tour of each other’s boat. The two boats are similar in age, but the Seawolf class was based on tech 20 years newer; seeing the tech that they had was interesting.
    Massive torpedo room, sooo many nifty things made out of titanium, and my biggest take away was that there was just one set of washer and dryer for 100+ crew. eww

    tiki god

    I’ve only been on one sub for a visit for about an hour and it was enough to tell me that I would never survive the experience if I had to be stationed on one (this was back when I was 16/17 and thinking about military careers)


    I did Navy Nuke because I had good scores and absorbed info quickly, but had no effing clue on what I wanted to do with my life. I did Subs vs Carrier because I could choose a Sub that had a home port vs always at sea (scores gave me a voting choice), and I liked a group of folks that I knew (150 ish folks vs 5000 ish). I’d get a short version of claustrophobia for only a day, to be matched with a short burst of agoraphobia when it was time to shift to land. (being 6ft 1in,… Read more »

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