Black real estate agent and his Black clients file lawsuit after being handcuffed by police during home showing

A Black father, his son, and their Black real estate agent have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Wyoming, Michigan, the Wyoming police chief and six police officers after they were ordered by police officers out of the home they were touring and handcuffed.


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    I hope they win.

    da Doctah

    Anybody who would live in a place with a name like “Wyoming, Michigan” has no business telling someone else where they do or don’t belong.


    A city spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit Friday, telling CNN, “The City of Wyoming does not comment on pending litigation.”

    Even that bland statement smacks of entitlement and arrogance. They could have said they weren’t allowed to comment, or that nobody comments prior to a pending case. But no: that “does not” says “we could but we’re damned well not going to”.

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