My Entire Personality

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    I now wonder if my love of books is connected to my love of pizza. I don’t like to do those things together, but I do enjoy both of those things.

    What I really miss is having the free time to stay up really late drinking coffee, chain smoking cigarettes, and reading. Quit the cigarettes a long time ago, drink way less coffee, and have less time to read books too. I need to retire.

    tiki god

    I also frequently think to myself “my god I have no time to do the things that I really want to do” but then have to look around and see that I’m actually making a choice to that and I have to make choices to just relax, which is difficult as fuck. I also quit the smoking and I can’t have coffee after around noon or I’ll be up until about 3am wondering why I’m so wired, so now days I’m streaming video games on the internet instead. But yeah, we both need to retire and eat bon bons all… Read more »


    I wasn’t consuming any caffeine for a very long time. Once we started working from home last year, I started drinking one cup of coffee each morning.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a bon bon. I do occasionally like to have a peanut butter cup.

    tiki god

    My wife and I have a joke with each other when one of us is going to be staying home from anything, “oh I’ll be at home eating bon bons”, said with an outrageously bad French accent. One day I was like “hey I don’t even know what a bon bon is, let me look it up.” You know what it is? chocolate candy. blew my mind, there were several times where I was making that joke, then proceeded to sit on my couch and and actually eat bon bons.


    There weren’t any pizza huts near me 🙁


    As an adult, it’s not good pizza, but as a kid, pizza was pizza. So, you have my sympathy for not getting free pizza for reading.

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