Elvira is out

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    tiki god

    She was slightly before my time, but I applaud her bravery to come out as a lesbian / bisexual / I don’t care she’ still hot and I love her work?

    Anyone have suggestions on what content to watch to celebrate this?


    Just put out a biography. Maybe give that a read.

    If you have access to Shout TV (they’re on Twitch as well as a few cable/streaming platforms) they sometimes air some of her old TV episodes. Watch the Elvira: Mistress of the Dark movie. Plots nothing special but it’s a fun ride. I may have nostalgia for it though so you may also hate it.


    tiki god

    I do love shitty b-level movies that have heart, so I’ll give it a spin

    tiki god

    Let us know what you think. I still will watch it around Halloween every year. So like I warned you, I have nostalgia for it.

    tiki god

    Just finished it, it’s a fantastic film, going to put up a full review in a bit.


    Elvira is bi. I hear the Pope’s Catholic, too.

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