It’s Good Thing Joe Can’t Read…

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    tiki god

    I can’t imagine dressing my kids up in that kind of shit and have them be a walking billboard for my own stupidity.


    Or, and stick with me for a moment, perhaps he just isn’t a man child and can understand that these children are being dressed by their parents.


    They’re not registered voters but they’re still Americans so Joe doesn’t mind. They’re also (nearly?) all wearing crocs so their opinion is irrelevant.

    The King of Nothing

    I guess Joe understands that he was elected to serve all Americans, not just those that worship the ground he walks on, and won’t shove someone aside simply because they support a former opponent that lost.


    Still, there’s once young lad displaying sound judgement, given his t-shirt is promoting J S Bach, although the sunglasses and wig do appear to be anachronistic for 18th century Leipzig. Perhaps he listens to Bach on a piano.

    Old Tofu

    if you’re referring to the kid in the red shirt , that says I’ll be back and that’s a picture of trump

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