If There Were A Breathing Mandate

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    “Covid vaccination in US will not be mandatory” – Joe Biden, 5 December 2020.


    It’s almost like a lot more people caught the virus and died in the last nine months since the article you posted.

    Joe also assumed everyone would want to take a vaccine that would prevent them from catching a deadly virus, filling up our hospitals, and dying. Turns out, a bunch of these jackasses need to be led to water.


    Biden said June 2020 that the US would maintain enough of a security presence in Afghanistan to ensure they could continue to operate in the capital following the main US withdrawal and that “critical US enablers” would remain in place to keep Kabul safe following the drawdown of NATO forces. He also said in 2019 that he would “send immediately to the desk of [Congress] when I’m elected President, a codification of Roe v. Wade”.

    It could also be that Joe Biden is just full of shit. I’m trusting the science.


    And then Donald Trump screwed the pooch three months later by negotiating with Al Qaeda without involving the Afghanistan government, released thousands of Al Qaeda prisoners in exchange for promises only an idiot would trust, and generally got his lunch eaten. You’re trusting astrology.

    afghanistan is a trump failure.jpg

    You know Biden was the VP for eight years, right? You know he read reports for eight entire years that it was never, ever going to work in Afghanistan, right? Of course you do. You probably even know that there was “constant pressure from the Obama White House and Pentagon to produce figures to show the troop surge of 2009 to 2011 was working, despite hard evidence to the contrary”, but that’s not going to stop you making excuses like a good little tapeworm, is it? It’s more fun pretending that bad things didn’t happen before 2016, right little buddy?


    You what fascinates me? It’s not just that Biden is a inveterate compulsive liar… he was laughed out of the 1988 presidential race for being a self-aggrandising fantasist and plagiarist… it’s that he’s so bad at it. Every single thing he says is within hours contradicted either by his own staff or video footage. It’s like he doesn’t know his words and image can be recorded. But hey… the adults are in charge now, right?

    Old Tofu

    you know pence was vp for 4 years , why didn’t he get it done? o yeah, vp’s aren’t the decision makers , duh.

    Old Tofu

    look how quickly you change the subject when confronted with reality . . .

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