Republican Governors Lose Their Sht Over Vaccine Mandate

South Carolina’s governor said he would fight the Biden administration “to the gates of hell.”


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    It’s like these people want Covid to hang around for a very long time….


    Fuck these walking covid incubators.


    The feds are way overstepping and this will be shot down in the courts pretty quickly.

    Everyone here already has their vaccine and you’re safe if you believe in the science right? The only people un-vaccinated are dangerous to are themselves. Had Trump done this, you would have been exploding with “fascism” and “dictator”, but since it’s Biden it goes down as fine as his favorite flavor of ice cream.

    tiki god

    how do you envision this being over turned? and by who? Interstate commerce is literally one of the things that are solidly in the federal government’s purview. Any company that’s over 100 employees is definitely doing business outside of the state they’re headquartered in.

    This is no different than all the other mandatory vaccines we have.


    Not sure if typing a response to this will be worthwhile, since all I’ll get here is downvotes for my thoughts (have I beaten Casemods low score yet, b.t.w.?), but anyways: Expanding government to surveil/track companies compliance with vaccination mandates is kinda gross (and goes way beyond what OSHA was ever mandated to do). OSHA is there for imminent workplace hazards — making sure the roof isn’t falling, making sure workers involved in active hazardous duties have masks on (i.e. things that are obvious to protect someone’s immediate risk of injury), OSHA can probably force an employer to remediate black… Read more »

    Last edited 8 days ago by MalcoveMagnesia
    tiki god

    you’re making a lot of good points that would have been topical about 20 years ago. As of about 30 years ago OSHA has been addressing blue collar office safety, and as of 9/11 the IRS has been up in everyone’s financial business. It’s impossible to make transactions over a certain amount without having to explain what the money is being used for, which I feel is bullshit on itself, but I see the utility of it. Pretty sure that live/real-time access you’re referring to has been in place as part of the Patriot act. Also, that site you linked… Read more »


    Yeah I was debating about putting that link explaining the upcoming IRS snooping rule changes into the last post, but I looked at the rest of the janky ad-filled site and it had a good amount of articles slamming MAGA & Trump, so I figured it’d be okay for MCS. Here’s the other link I had been considering posting, basically saying that the IRS doesn’t currently have a way to look into small banks or credit unions and that it’ll take time and money (probably paid by the small banks/credit unions/members/etc.) to add in those backdoors. Circle back to the… Read more »

    tiki god

    I don’t know what more they would need, I have two different credit union accounts and both of them say they report to the feds already.

    The King of Nothing

    Not everyone has gotten their vaccine and that’s a huge part of the problem. If you think unvaccinated people are only dangerous to themselves, you are wrong. While being vaccinated greatly increases your chances of not catching COVID or having severe symptoms if you do, you can still catch it and can die. You can also pass it to others potentially harming them. The virus still rampaging among unvaccinated people also allows variants to form. Unvaccinated people are getting sick and taking up room in the hospitals and have been filling them capacity leaving no room for people who need… Read more »

    I’m old enough to remember that vaccines were not released to the general public until this year, after Biden had been crowned, so there was no mandating Trump could have done. Trump did enable “Warp Speed”, which was supposed to blast research and development of the vaccines over the usual regulatory hurdles, but let’s not give him credit for that since he’s evil™.

    Biden also said he wasn’t going to mandate, but nobody here will call him out on that flip flop.



    MAGAt hypocrite on vaccine.jpg

    Personally, I don’t care that he “flip-flopped”. I have always thought that the vaccine should be a requirement. Just like so many of the other vaccines we’ve pretty much all been required to take for the greater good of society (MMR, DTaP, IPV, etc). I was disappointed he said that in the first place.

    People are allowed to change their minds when new information is presented or a new situation unfolds.

    The King of Nothing

    I never said Drumpf did nothing, but he could have advocated for mandatory vaccinations once they were regularly available, but I understand that would’ve required having foresight. He did make sure to keep quiet about the seriousness of COVID and the good of vaccination. He hasn’t really been vocal about getting vaccinated and never bothered to call out those raising unfounded doubts. He has also been real careful in wording it as more of a suggestion than an actual recommendation. Since Biden became president, he has had access to more resources and information that has caused him to change his… Read more »

    tiki god

    this still isn’t a mandate for people, it’s a mandate for businesses. a fine hair to split, but valid imho

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