Refuse Uline

Uline is a purposely political company aligned with extreme right-wing ideology. Despite their politics, millions of small businesses and artists still use ULINE completely unaware of what their dollars are supporting. This needs to end now. Let’s refuse to use uline.


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    I was very bummed when I found this out. They were the only company I could find that had the wire shelves I needed in the dimensions I needed for my guitar cases. I bought them years ago but they won’t be seeing any repeat business from me.

    tiki god

    I’ve been getting huge mailers from them for years, never once bought anything from them, but now I’m going to be sending them back.


    I’m tired of those kind of catalogs in general from any company. It’s the 21st century, if everything in this catalog is also viewable on your website, you don’t need to waste all this paper.

    Old Tofu

    don’t send them back , trash can them and let them waste money sending you more. someone needs to spam them with email catalog requests and watch them go broke sending out millions of unused catalogs . . . unless that’s illegal then of course do not do it.

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