Apathetic voters could hand California recall to Republicans Folks seem unaware

Gavin Newsom remains popular but Democrats appear far less likely than Republicans to vote in the election


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    The very caption under the video that auto plays in your story is about how one of the candidates for governor would make this even worse, “Caitlyn Jenner criticised for suggesting sending the homeless to fields outside cities”. Oh yes, Caitlyn, wonderful idea. Let’s not try to find shelters for them, let’s instead relocate them and make them someone else’s problem. Did you get that idea from South Park?

    Also, the article you posted was about what the city of LA did, the mayor and city council. What does that have to do with the recall election of the governor of the entire state? Other than the bit about Jenner in the video, there is NOTHING in the article about Newsom at all.

    You’ve said in the past you’re not from the US so maybe you should stay out of US politics if you don’t know the difference between a city mayor and a state governor.


    And maybe you should suck a fat dick, Hoss. I’ll say what I like and you will never stop me.


    Excellent rebuttal.

    tiki god

    You’ve been banned for 72 hours, please consider what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.


    This is a guy who is used to zero moderation. You’re gonna end up permabanning him before Halloween.


    And I’ll keep pointing out how bad you are at this.


    An American telling someone “Look, you don’t live here so maybe just keep out of our business”…

    And they say you lot can’t do irony…!


    I didn’t say you should stay out of it because you’re not from here, I said you should stay out of it if you don’t know the difference between city and state government. Quit being either willfully ignorant or obtuse.

    Last edited 8 months ago by Bolthorn

    You sound exactly like every other conservative blow hard.
    “You’ll never stop me…”, as you get banned.
    Too funny.

    Why is it that conservatives never seem to understand that there are consequences to their actions….?

    Last edited 8 months ago by Gropegrope

    I love how it’s an “Apathetic voter” problem… not a “Democrats rule every level of government in our state and our lives keep getting materially worse” problem. There is literally no problem a Democrat can’t blame on the voters instead of how they conduct their business.

    tiki god

    just shows you didn’t even read the article.


    Speaking of not reading things, remember that time The Guardian published the ravings of a known fantasist while being fully aware that he hadn’t actually read the document he was making incendiary claims about?


    Why would I read The Guardian? Why would anyone read The Guardian?


    Nothing to do with the thread, but I just want you to know this exists. This is what takes up rack space at The Guardian:


    “It’S aN ApAtHeTiC vOtEr ProBlEm…!!!111!”

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