The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years: With Nakia Dillard, Don Cheadle, Dulé Hill, Charity Jordan. A man recalls his experiences growing up in Montgomery, Alabama during the late-1960s.


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    I’m looking forward to this show. I’m surprised it took this long to do a version from the eyes of a black family.


    And the fact that Don Cheadle is involved gives me hope this isn’t some kind of revisionist history.


    In before someone starts whining about the Arnold family being “blackwashed” (that’s the new term among trogs for being racially inclusive in entertainment) despite the fact that it’s clearly about a different family named Williams.


    I’m skeptical. Looks good now but it depends how often, how many times per episode they lean on the ‘white-people-bad’ button.


    Yeah, cuz slavery….


    Every American slave and every slave owner is at least half a century dead, and those were the ones that were freed as children and lived over a century. The people that fought for the civil rights movement are in the process of collectively kicking the bucket. How long are living white people, especially ones like me whose families immigrated here after slavery, and come from places that didn’t have slaves since the fucking Vikings; how long do we have to listen to white-man-bad?

    tiki god

    As long as the country maintains the systems that were put in place whilst that was a concern?


    The Structural System of Systemic Institutions? Excelent job regurgitating a talking point, but can you quantify for me all the ways in which the USA is built to fuck blacks?

    tiki god

    you’re using super big words to indicate you have your head in the sand. How do you not know this long list already? We’ve been talking about it for decades at this point.


    You can’t cite anything other than acts of individuals. The reason blacks are statistically disadvantaged is cultural. I grew up in a very diverse county, still live here. I was raised on TNG and captain planet, no race but the human race, etc. It wasn’t until Jr. High where kids were bussed in from areas too fucked up to keep a school standing that I began to see. So many of them, at the age of 11 or 12 were all about fuck whitie. I got jumped and beaten only by black kids. I got sucker punched in the gut while walking in hallways and during class, only by black kids (the in class punch, a face punch while I was sitting at my desk, came from a girl who said she wanted to see if a white boy would cry when he got hit). My family members, specifically an aunt who was/is a 7th grade science teacher, were threatened with rape only by black kids. (Post Jr. High we could talk about how only a black man has threatened me with a gun because he didn’t like my driving and other incidents) That shit doesn’t come from personal experience at that age, it comes from poison being poured into their minds from their parents (exactly how cliché southern white folks teach their kids to hate blacks and blame immigrants for their unemployability). It gets reinforced by the media which tells them they are the victims of ineffable, undefinable structures that hold them back. It hurts black peoples feelings when all the crime reports on the evening news include “black male” so now when a crime is committed by a black person, race is not mentioned. If a crime is committed against a black by a white person, then it race is reported. In this regard, democratic media is just as bad (bad meaning exceedingly efficient) as conservative media is at spreading their conspiracy theories. Generations of blacks are and have been raised to believe they are being held down and that white people are to blame. Whitei don’t make black dads run out, or shoot each other, or rob/loot their community businesses until they have no groceries stores left, no banks, no services. Nobody invests in black communities, including black people, because what argument could compel someone to invest in an active dumpster fire?
    It’s not always been like that. Between slavery and the mid-20th black families were as nuclear as everyone else. Something happened around the 80’s.

    Last edited 8 months ago by Soong

    “There’s no such thing as racism. Also…fuck blacks…”


    I didn’t say either of those things nor can what I said plausibly be interpreted as such. So whitie can be to blame for the blacks problems but blacks hold no responsibility; all the fault is external? White man bad, got it. Black and white thinking at its finest.

    Liberals can be as blind to the subtleties of reality as conservatives.

    I’m not blind to the actions of racists. I see voter suppression in action in the south. I agree it’s racist to have only 1 polling place in black neighborhoods when there are 20 in the white communities. Cops are generally pieces of shit, I’ve learned that from ones on the job and from personal relationships, but distribution of that shittyness is largely disproportionate because criminality is disproportionate.

    I don’t think blacks are incapable of being good or that they’re somehow inherently flawed or bad. You could make a case against me for the soft racism of low expectations, but nobody tries because you’re not smart or nuanced? Can’t make a solid case if you can’t embrace the facts of reality (much like our lovable trump tards).

    tiki god

    The easiest example to point out is Red Lining. John Oliver did a great video touching on it, but definitely not going into deep details:

    There’s a whole bunch more like those, and they’re easily findable.


    It’s exactly what you said.
    You’re the only one who doesn’t realize it….
    “I’m not racist, but….”

    Last edited 8 months ago by Gropegrope
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