Amazon Installs Huge Lockers On A Chicago Park’s Sidewalk Confusing And Frustrating Neighbors

“It just looks crazy. I don’t even understand how someone could’ve thought that was an OK place to put it,” said Ald. Rosanna Rodriguez, who immediately contacted the Park District to get it moved.


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    Depending on how those are attached to the sidewalk, kind of looks like they’re just tap-con style screwed down, a good citizen with a powerful drill could back those screws out and then you could probably just push this thing over and off the sidewalk.
    Hint, do this at night.

    tiki god

    why wait until night, they’re illegally blocking a path that’s required to have a certain amount of clearance on both sides.

    Rip em out and throw them in a dump somewhere.


    I’m hoping that whomever does it doesn’t get caught and charged with vandalism, like Amazon should have for installing these things.

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