Germany could make unvaccinated pay for COVID tests

The German government plans to end free coronavirus tests once enough Germans are vaccinated, according to a newspaper report. Although 51% of the population is fully inoculated, the pace is slowing.


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    As much as I’m in favor of punishing the antivaxxers, this will backfire as they simply won’t get tested.

    Similar to if we mandated that documented mental illness disqualified one for gun ownership: sounds good on paper, but we’re dealing with bad faith actors who will simply NOT take care of themselves because that lets them do what they want.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Saborlas

    I think this is the key sentence from the article:

    At present, Germans are required to present a negative coronavirus test if they want to enter offices, some shops and restaurants and can get tested for free.”

    So, you want to go outside? You gotta get tested. And now you have to pay for the tests. Quite right, too.

    Old Tofu

    I’ve always thought some sort of mental health database would be helpful. psychiatrists and such could enter patients that had suicidal or homicidal thoughts , schizophrenics , etc into a database that would be checked when trying to purchase firearms.

    Old Tofu

    “mental illness disqualified one for gun ownership” , actually it does , the problem is with the documented part. like you said with “self reporting” being the way on all the forms and no mental health database the crazies lie and get through

    Last edited 1 month ago by Old Tofu
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