Perfect time for a six week vacation

They’ve only known this was coming since June.

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    I hope this is the impetus for a catastrophic stock market crash


    Ah yes, the Both Sides Are Equally Bad So Vote Republican™.

    Democrats aren’t evil. They’re just incompetent. Which is why, even though America voted to remove Republicans from power, they’re still effectively in power.


    $25k fridge, $12-13/pint ice cream; get your facts straight.
    Though I mostly don’t like her because she’s senile and afraid of technology.

    Old Tofu

    casemods can’t be bothered with facts , that’s why he leads with insults and over exaggerations every time he flaps his yap

    Old Tofu

    hey casemods , yes we know who the donors are, it’s why we wanted bernie but all the donors on both sides are scared of that outcome. now since you showed us all how evil the dems are , go ahead and show us where the republicans have lifted one finger to help any of us other than their donors.

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