Gymnastics Team Tired of Sexualization Wears Unitards

The German gymnastics team wore unitards that stretched to their ankles, intending to push back against sexualization of women in gymnastics.

did they not notice that these “new” uniforms are just as tight as the others?


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    If you had ever tried gymnastics you’d know that you might be risking your life in anything that isn’t body tight.

    tiki god

    I think that’s sorta my point, in that
    1 – it’s still a “sexy uniform”
    2 – I just noticed that these uniforms have fake cleavage on them.

    I’m perfectly happy for people to wear what makes them comfortable, but to suggest that these uniforms that highlight their vulvas and gives them fake tits is some how making them less sexual is just unfathomable.


    That fake boob window is pretty strange.

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