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    Nowhere to be seen at any Medicare4all march yesterday. Too busy working on her brand than to do any of the things she actually ran on.


    She could’ve been at all of them simultaneously and that still wouldn’t be enough for you.


    Making the least amount of effort to enact the things you promised in your campaign. Imagine that.

    I mean, I know you’re used to screaming you’re going to vote blue no matter who and not asking a single thing from your elected officials, but some of us expect them to work for our vote. Imagine that!

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    tiki god

    how are you tracking her whereabouts so well?


    You might not know this, but she has a Twitter account which she uses occasionally. I know, right??

    tiki god

    the fact you use twitter speaks volumes, lmao


    You might not know this either, but getting information from outside your echo chamber can be valuable. It helps to prevent things like… say… getting caught trying to argue that the head of CrowdStrike saying they only had circumstantial evidence that Russia was involved in the DNC email hack is absolute proof that Russia was involved in the DNC email hack.

    I mean,,, imagine being that fucking stupid…!

    tiki god

    I can’t imagine being so stupid that I get my news or any information at all from twitter of all places.

    is your backup news source facebook?


    It’s also a useful repository for things like videos of the president giving blatant misinformation about COVID-19 transmission. Videos which mods of other sites would be too cowardly to show because either they have fascist censorship tendencies and don’t want people to see actual events, or because it hurts their feelings.

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    tiki god

    the only thing Twitter is a repository of is depositories.


    Show me on the doll…


    I’ll just leave this here.

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