Surprise Brett Kavanaugh Wasnt Actually Vetted Before Being Given a Lifetime SCOTUS Appointment

The FBI received 4,500 tips about him, with the “relevant” ones being turned over to the White House, where they were presumably ignored.


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    Karl Lewis

    It’s *almost* as if they don’t consider assaulting women, or girls, a crime. For myself, I remain curious who paid off all Drunk Rapey McFsckface’s mortgage and gambling debts.


    Dude straight up lied to Congress (a crime!) when asked about a Devil’s Threesome.


    What’s it called when the sexual misconduct allegations against Biden are buried by Democrats?

    tiki god

    if by “buried” you mean “thoroughly investigated and discredited, sure.


    So how quickly did you go from #BelieveAllWomen to “Tara Reade is a lying whore!”?

    Joe Biden loves sniffing girls’ hair more than he love bombing countries full of impoverished brown people into the stone age!

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