You should be made about this

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    So they’re saying I’m only allowed to be mad at one thing at a time.. got it.

    Or…. How about I can be mad about both of those things?

    Don’t tell me how to live my life 😛

    why not both.jpg
    tiki god

    why would anyone be upset about being asked to use their critical thinking caps though


    99% of people who hate Critical Race Theory cannot accurately define it. Some right wing talking head told them lies about it.


    I don’t know why people hate CRT? It’s taught at the graduate level, not K thru 12.

    tiki god

    facebook groups that are being weaponized against our own country?


    People don’t necessarily hate CRT. They hate the idea of it being taught to K-12. There are some teachers that are vowing to teach their students the concepts of CRT, even where it is banned. Nothing should be taught to the kids without proper authorization. Parents need to know what is being taught to their kids.

    I’ll also leave this here.

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