Movie Theater Owners Blame Marvels Black Widow Box Office Collapse on Disney Plus Launch

Movie theater operators did not mince words in asserting that Disney left money on the table by putting Marvel’s “Black Widow” on Disney Plus on the same day as its theatrical debut. Disney announced in March that “Black Widow,” among several of its 2021 films, would premiere simultaneously on the studio’s subscription-based streaming service — […]

I’m not sure how much I believe that it’s actually Disney Plus’s fault that people aren’t going to the theaters in massive waves of audience participation, after as we are still battling Covid-19, and in my neck of the woods the Delta variant has taken the lead and our hospitals are at an all time high for capacity, with emergency overflow wings being opened back up. I can’t imagine there’s many people that look at that situation and think “yeah, it’d be smart to go sit in a giant room with 500 other people and breath in what they’re breathing out”.

I mean, I know what those people do for well established social norms at a theater with their talking and walking around during the film, I can only speculate what they’re like out in the rest of the world.


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    Yes, blame D+ now move theaters, not your own mismanagement prior to the pandemic. AMC gave their CEO a multimillion dollar pay raise in 2020 from nearly 10 million to nearly 21 million. And don’t blame Warner Bros. who are dumping everything on HBOMax where you don’t have to even pay extra. Yes, single out this one corporation for your failure. And you do bring up a good point that some folks are still choosing to stay home from the theaters because Covid-19 is still a thing. It’s why we saw Black Widow at home because someone in our household… Read more »

    tiki god

    I don’t understand what your first paragraph has to do with this though, AMC’s internal pay scale has nothing to do with Black Widow’s sharp decline in performance, at least I don’t see how it could.

    I am somewhat interested in seeing how BW did compared to something like F9, which to my knowledge didn’t have a digital release like the HBO/Disney movies have done.


    The movie theaters are scrambling for scapegoats for their failing business model. They’re blaming D+ here for the fall off without consideration for all factors which should include D+, Covid-19 resurgence, the decline in the theater experience whether perceived or real, this movie has been delayed and delayed and delayed, maybe word of mouth that the movie wasn’t that great (I thought it was fine). Movie theaters are blaming the falloff strictly on D+ and it’s not just that. IMDB reporting puts the current box office totals for Black Widow at $134,610,581 gross for U.S. and Canada and Fast9 at… Read more »

    tiki god

    >The movie theaters are scrambling for scapegoats for their failing business model

    Except AMC is doing just fine and getting better every day from everything I can see. Your second point is unrelated to the movie theaters and I think has more to do with the situation really. For this movie to have done well it needed to come out in close proximity to EndGame, but alas…


    According to the article I don’t think theaters in general are doing fine, “The pushback from NATO comes at a time when the movie business is still struggling to recover from the pandemic.” The article itself mentions the pandemic but NATO does not seem to address it. NATO is trying to save their ass by blaming D+, their own quotes in the article are quite clear on that. I also mentioned the multiple delays of the movie. I fail to see how me calling out factors that may be why people aren’t going to the theaters is somehow unrelated to… Read more »

    tiki god

    great idea, I’m surprised that they’re saying the pandemic is “left in the history”, it’s still raging in most of the world, along with the US


    Could also be because the movie is just okay…

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