Rents are going through the roof across much of the US

With crowds of newly remote workers fleeing large metros, smaller cities are seeing the biggest rent hikes.


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    Picture is from San Francisco, which I don’t think qualifies as a “smaller city”…


    What else is unusual is I don’t see that picture in the article either. Unless it’s a screengrab from one of the videos in the article. The first “city” mentioned in the article, Dupont, PA, has a population of under 3,000 people according to the 2010 census. That would definitely qualify though, as do some of the other cities mentioned in the article. There are also a few that I don’t think I’d consider a “smaller city” either like Atlanta, Ga that appear in one of the graphs. The actual smaller cities seeing this problem are going to be in… Read more »


    “It turns out capitalism is alive and very well. We’re making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it’s supposed to work for the good of the American people.” – Joe Biden, July 2021

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