Facebook will let users become ‘experts’ to cut down on misinformation It’s another attempt to avoid responsibility for harmful content

For example, a Facebook admin of an extremist group could designate someone within that space to be an “expert,” whose posts will be amplified.


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    Another horrible idea from a horrible company. They really need to hire someone with some common sense whose official title is “Arbitrator of Ideas” who can shut these bad ideas down. Problem with Facebook would be, they’d hire the worst person for the job.


    I’m in facebook jail… again. They do not understand that being truthful isn’t a fucking crime.

    tiki god

    I straight up gave up on facebook after they put me in jail for a solid month for a picture of a dude without a shirt on, then wouldn’t respond to any of my messages to the about it.


    Facebook wouldn’t even let me register a decade ago; no reason given, but I suspect it was that I gave my address as the Massachusetts Home for the Criminally Insane.


    Oh, 4chan’s not gonna have fun with this AT ALL…


    Better ways for the US government/big tech partnership (aka. Ministry of Truth) to fight disinformation:

    • Spread accurate information
    • Stop being evil, opaque and inherently untrustworthy
    • Stop actively sowing disinformation
    tiki god

    but who decides what is “accurate information”? that’s the problem that FB has long had, they want to wash their hands of making actual judgement calls, all without being held accountable for the decisions that they DO make.

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