Steam Deck is Valves Switch-like portable PC starting at 399 this December

Preorders kick off on July 16, but you’ll need an older Steam account.


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    I hope this does better for them than Steam Machines did. I wish they still offered the Link. I kind of hate moving mine from room to room.

    I do not think I’ll be buying one of these though. I don’t have a use case.

    tiki god

    The link was replaced with the app, you can install it in a ton of different things now, including some TVs.

    I never did get to try out the “steam machines” but this “Steam Deck” is actually one of those, just in a smaller form factor.


    Unlike the Steam Machine PC/Console hybrid things, this is made by Valve itself, like the Steam Controller and the Index VR stuff. I’m curious to see how it performs once normal people get it. It run’s a modified version of ARK linux too, so you can back out to KDE to get you linux on


    Yep, the app just doesn’t seem to work as well in my house. Even in the same room when compared to the link.

    tiki god

    I’ve been using a thing called “Parsec” for remote video gaming, it’s been absolutely flawless on my wired connections.


    Cool. I’ll give that a try next time I dive into a “PC game that still feels like I should be on the couch”. haha. Thanks for the info.

    tiki god

    yeah, it’s not going to give you 4k (or even hdr I don’t think) but I’ve done a games with it like No Man’s Sky or Pac Man and had no troubles.

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