Supreme Court says a school cant punish a cheerleader for swearing on Snapchat

The snap was profane but not harmful or disruptive.



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    Good. She didn’t threaten or harass another student or anyone else. She vented her frustration. People sometimes swear when venting their frustration.


    Giving schools the ability to dictate behavior outside of school is taking In Loco Parentis to a ridiculous extreme. And considering how petty school administrations can be, that’s a power you don’t want them to have. I once had a principal who gave my award to a different student because he felt slighted that I recognized myself in the “this student did such and such” speech. We all knew that the student who took the piece of paper did NOT fit the description he gave. Just because he was a petty asshole.

    Imagine giving that guy the ability to dictate what music your kid could listen to at home. Imagine giving that guy the ability to go over your head and punish your kid for going to the “wrong” church or refusing to support a known bigoted business.

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