Who wants to tell him

Either Joe Biden, a man with 40 years history in the senate and eight years as vice president, is:

  1. genuinely ignorant of the US interference in the elections of at least 81 countries from 1945 to 2000 and the documented CIA assassinations of 50 world leaders
  2. lying and thinks you’re all stupid, or
  3. a psychopath who thinks he’s telling the truth because the US was “just giving democracy a helping hand”.

Which is it?  Sound off in the comments!

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    tiki god

    Sure we fuck around with other smaller and weaker countries all the time. That’s what democracy does apparently.

    But to my knowledge we don’t murder political political rivals or opposing voices, no matter how much daddy trump and his ilk want us to.

    This is a new argument from you with the “since 1945 to 2000” which is a suspicious time frame, why not include all the stuff we’ve done in the 20 years since then? Why are you concerned about those countries now?


    I think he thrives on negative attention.

    Not enough hugs in his life….


    Do you have any healthy relationships…?

    Old Tofu

    how many times did we goof up killing castro?

    tiki god

    well now so do I!


    The available answer options indicates the desire to redirect the conversation what he is talking about from Russia to the US. My ex wife used to do this too, one of the reasons she is an ex. aka the ‘sure but what about you’ argument. Redirection does not negate the statements.


    For many outside the US, if he didn’t mention Russia by name, you could be forgiven if you thought he was talking about the US. Seriously.


    Still better than the other motherfucker

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