Theres Actually No Good Reason for Us All to Go Back to the Office

Productivity and quality of life are not mutually exclusive. There are good reasons to let people work from home forever.


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    I can’t wail to get a tablesaw, hotwire, paint booth and vacuum system installed in my dining room.

    tiki god

    why would you need them in your living room? that sounds like a barn or garage thing.


    Smart companies that want to attract and keep talent will probably end up with some kind of hybrid approach or a policy that allows the employee to decide whether to work from home full time or be in the office full time. This bit made me laugh, “Nobody really wants those awkward office parties, or newly-remodeled break rooms with nap pods, bean bags, bookshelves, board games, and ping pong tables.” We have a foosball table in one of our breakrooms, but you can’t use it because the room is a giant echo chamber. So when you attempt to use it,… Read more »

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