Another one bites the dust

Let the record show that I, the owner of this account, am of sound mind and am not feeling suicidal.

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    tiki god

    sure, they’re going to give a rats ass about your current mental illnesses.

    Also, who cares about this meeting? it was a nothing burger at the time and it’s still a nothing burger


    You’re playing that card now….?

    Haven’t you got anything better to do…?


    No…you infest one of my favorite sites rent free…..


    Are you admitting to abuse…?
    Too funny.

    Of course you identify with abusers….


    Hey, you picked the metaphor, not me.

    When someone tells me who they are, I generally believe them….

    Old Tofu

    Seriously? . . . You’re playing that card now? . . . Haven’t you got anything better to do? THIS is how punctuation works , you’re welcome.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Old Tofu

    Punctuation, like language, is malleable.
    Did you understand what I wrote…?
    Then my punctuation is fine…
    MCS doesn’t prescribe to the NYT Style and Usage Manual.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Gropegrope
    Old Tofu

    your english teacher should have killed you to save her honor . . . just because I can read and see where all your mistakes are doesn’t mean what you wrote is in anyway correct , just means I’ve had to read a lot of uneducated scribblings online.


    If the Clintons could kill anyone they wanted with zero repercussions, Donald Trump never would’ve made it to the nomination.

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