Biggest health insurer plans to deny ER bills if it doubts you had an emergency

UnitedHealthcare delayed the policy’s rollout, but experts worry about chilling effect.


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    This sounds like an upgrade from my last health plan? Whatever my injury, if I went to the ER but was not checked in to stay at the hospital (like if I needed stitches but could go home right after) then it was 100% not covered. Doesn’t matter if I would have died without treatment, if you’re not still in danger of death after treatment then it wasn’t E.R. worthy.


    Some years ago I had to pay 10€ if I need to go to the E.R.
    Fortunatly these times are over.


    You can say A&E; you don’t have to Americanize it for us.


    It’s called “Notaufnahme” here in Germany. And since I grew up with George Clooney’s ER, that was the more familiar term for me. I had to look up what A&E stands for.


    That happened to me something like 15 years ago! It was during a season with a big spread of the West Nile virus. I had really bad chest congestion, like painful to breathe. I was working nights, so no good time to see a regular doctor. Out of fear I had a deadly disease, I went to the ER. Nope. Just a nasty chest cold. Insurance said that since it wasn’t a true emergency, they wouldn’t cover any of it. I was hit with something like $1k in bills. And, at the time, I was working a minimum wage job.… Read more »

    tiki god

    that’s terrible, did you have to pay the entire balance?

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