I am sure this won’t cause a flamewar in the comments clueless

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    Flame war on.
    “there” not “their”, “Monster” and “Old” do not need to be capitalized, and it should probably be “child’s body”.

    tiki god

    Monster should be, but so should Girl, it’s the name of a character. “child body” is ok because it’s not a child’s body, it’s a body of a child.


    Cool. Did not know that “Monster Girl” should be proper noun. That sentence reads weird because of it too. Are these “sick fucks” debating Monster Girl being legal or debating “(the fact that) that monster girl” is legal. Emphasis mine to try to clear up how the sentence can be read differently without the knowledge of the proper noun.

    Hopefully that comes across the way I’m intending it. It’s difficult to do so without being able to provide actual auditory examples of how different the two sound.

    Probably should have used “body of a child”.

    Slow day today.

    tiki god

    it basically boils down to a very old argument amongst the weebs, if there’s a 1,000 year old character that looks like a 12 year old and you fuck that body that looks that way, are you pedo or are you not?

    You make a fantastic point though that this me-me is grammatically fucked


    That’s a very very weird argument for them to be having. You don’t fuck a brain. I don’t care if the phrase “fucked their brains out” is a thing. You don’t literally have sex with the brain.

    tiki god

    I agree, it’s honestly just a psychological argument that attempts to give them a symatcally reason for being attracted to the younger body, which is gross.

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