F-22A pilot callsign TOPGUN65 crashed the plane because he brought the nose up to early failed to reach the right speed for take-off and prematurely retracted the landing gear The pilot was able to egress the aircraft safely 2018 1800×1879

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    some pilots pull the gear retraction handle before they even start to roll – they rely on the ‘weight on wheels’ switch to prevent early gear retraction. some even think it ‘looks cool’ to have the gear retract while they are still busy with the takeoff routine…

    then they hit a bump and are momentarily airborne before they reach takeoff speed.

    that is very likely what happened here.

    it is a very bad practice


    Pilot received advice on when to rotate which worked at his home airfield, at sea-level. Fallon is 4000 feet higher. He did not verify he had a positive rate of climb, merely his peripheral vision.

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