Sign found at a local establishment in Portland Oregon

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    If a bad employer pays poverty wages and has zero benefits, the few employees they have will move on to jobs that come with benefits and/or pay better. And then the employer with less employees might feel motivated to pay a bit more?

    In any event, the free market between employers and employees should be the governing agreement, not the feds mandating $50/$25/$15/whatever per hour. And vaccines are out, the Federal unemployment bonuses that are blasting unemployment compensation up to $25 per hour to sit around needs to be gone already.


    Huh? That seems to work smashingly, so much that people are running away from jobs at Walmart! Wait, not that, the opposite of that. It’s almost like one of the most prolific employers have the largest group of employees needing assistance to make ends make
    It’s almost like employees stay away from starvation wage jobs if they are no longer starving. There no free market economy between a company that did $510 Billion in sales in 2019 and Joe Shcmoe who needs help because they can’t break $19K…

    But whatever, you gotta stay on message here.


    I see you’ve taken the low effort approach citing evil corp behemoths Walmart and McDonalds. Assuming you feel the same hatred for small businesses and franchise owners — who typically operate on razor thin profit margins — you’d rather they go out of business than being able to offer a choice of different wages for their jobs? Small businesses simply cannot compete against free money being handed out by the government (and charged to public debt to be paid… by generations down the road).

    And I love how you term entry level jobs with “starvation wage”. Teenagers and people starting off in the workforce simply do not need to make $15/$25/$50 per hour, especially when they are living at home with parents. And if they’ve been at Walmart/McDonalds/EvilCorp for a while, reliable employees still get regularly get raises and can easily bump up to management and/or salaried roles.  

    Old Tofu

    we already tried your “let employers pay what they want” that’s what lead to the federal minimum wage because they were starving their workers to death. if you believe that “razor thin profit margins” bullshit then you’re drinking too much of the kool aide. with your little list it would seem that an 18 year old still living at home deserves less money doing the same job as an 20 year old who is living on his own. so now where and who you live with determines how much you get paid? what kind of head up your ass logic is that? so if an 18 year old already knocked a couple girls up with babies he should get paid more , right? do you see how stupid this is? basic pay has NOT been keeping up with costs of living and the greedy fucks hoarding all the money have to have their hands forced , history has taught us that many many times.


    Spoken like somebody who has never owned a business or signed paychecks. Whatever.

    Democrats are entirely in full charge of the federal government and they could slam $100 per hour minimum wage down via reconciliation. Unprecedented numbers of small businesses (54% in San Francisco alone) have permanently gone out of business due to the pandemic and garbage ideas of blasting the minimum wage off like a rocket (especially when inflation is already heading towards Carter-era levels) should kill off a good deal more. Biden and the Democrats get to own this party for the next two years and then Congress cycles back to the opposition, as per tradition.  


    The sky in your world is plaid, isn’t it?

    Old Tofu

    actually I did have a small business in construction back before 2008 , notice how you weren’t able to actually counter ANYTHING I said . . . spoken like someone without a grasp on reality , lol


    Republican Jesus

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