Why use trash bags for gas…when you can just as easily use trash cans Bonus they come with lids instead of having to untie the bags ????

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    Texass… the land of single digit IQ’s.


    Aren’t there laws in the US about the kind of container you can put gas in…?
    You do this in Canada and the gas station calls the cops on you.

    tiki god

    it’s the same here in the states, except for two things:

    1 – cops don’t give a good god damn. you can call them all you want, maybe they’ll come out, maybe they won’t.

    2 – attendants at the gas station are worried of being shot if they interfere in what idiots like these are doing. Texas is one of the more well armed states too.


    While working at a gas station during college I had customers yell at me for all kinds of shit that was their fault; smoking at the pump, trying to not pay for shit, parking in the fire lane, leaving pumps unattended, pumping gas into unapproved containers, etc. And I had them yell at me for shit that in no way was my fault; “gas was 16 cents cheaper this morning. this is bullshit!”, “why is the newspaper more expensive now?”, “Why don’t you carry X? The station across the street does”. All of them threatened to call customer service and have me fired. It never happened.

    After awhile you realize you’re not being paid enough to really give a shit since no one higher up in the company seems to give a shit about you and you start letting this shit slide because it’s not worth the harassment from the customers.


    Your country is so fucked.


    I can’t wait for him to have to make a sudden stop.


    Fire or not, I’m waiting for the gasoline to eat through the plastic, and being out a few hundred dollars in Roughneck trash cans and gasoline

    Old Tofu

    ” few hundred dollars” for 2 trash cans . . . who ripped you off??

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