Truth hurts

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    is Liz Cheney still a senator? Yep! Is she still a Republican? Yep! Will MCS comrades still hate the way she votes overall? Yep!

    It’s just dumb intra-party fighting like what you might see on the Democrat side, except the Media doesn’t care about Pelosi vs Squad antics nearly as much since they need some click-bait headlines to cover for Biden-inspired rapidly rising prices and horrible job numbers.


    Too late for me to edit but since somebody else will point it out, Cheney is rep covering the whole state of Wyoming and not a senator.


    Sorry…what spat on the Dem side is in any way comparable to this….?
    I’m genuinely curious here….

    tiki god

    well there was that one time that the intrenched democrats rat fucked bernie sanders…


    OK…there was that…


    Remember when Republicans tried to cancel french fries, The Dixie Chicks, Colin Kaepernick (and the NFL in general), Nike, Keurig, Gilette, etc.? They fucking INVENTED Cancel Culture. They’re just mad that the people they’ve traditionally shit on now have a voice and can call them out on it.