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    Karl Lewis

    lol. So, there’s the real problem with the Flat Earth stupidity. Sure, a Flat Earth solves the problem of having to cope with the notion that gravity pulls things towards the common center of mass of two objects, which is a bit mind-bending at the scale of planets. But, it leaves one with an entirely different set of problems. If the Earth is flat, what’s it sitting on? What’s under it? (Turtles, all the way down?) What’s holding up whatever is above it? What are those things that one can see streaking overhead just after sundown? (That show up, again, 90 minutes later?)


    Flat Earthers are definitely not the brightest. I think some of them are trolling but the legit believers; I think we should send them to space, without any food, and in a slowly decaying orbit with no heat shielding.


    Along with many politicians that I can think of.


    And a couple of members of M[c]S!

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