Miami School Says It Won’t Employ Vaccinated Teachers Citing Debunked COVID Myths

A private school in Miami is discouraging teachers from getting the COVID-19 vaccine— and in a letter to parents, the school says it will not employ anyone who has taken it.


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    “”The whole year has been unbelievably shuffled for all of us to know what to do. And I don’t know if there’s going to be teachers there,” said one mother, who asked to be identified as only Lidia because she says she signed a document that prohibits parents from speaking ill about the academy.” Holy shit that’s fucked up. Basically saying before you can become a customer, no matter how shitty our product is, you aren’t allowed to tell other people how shitty our product is. NDAs in this country are a fucking joke. From the desk of the dipshit… Read more »

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