Missing in Action

Directed by Joseph Zito. With Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, David Tress, Lenore Kasdorf. Colonel Braddock launches a mission deep into the jungles of Vietnam to find the POW camp that he escaped from and free the Americans still held captive there.

This is about as much wish fulfillment as it is a Mary Sue pipe dream that makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable with what they might be saying here. I can only imagine how weird it would have been to have seen this film when it came out just a decade or so after the end of the war itself.

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    If any of you are fans, I could post some awesome memes that you’d really, really enjoy!

    Just let me know…

    Old Tofu

    shit movie ,shit acting, shit poster . . .


    wait wut? this was posted by tikigod? what the hell happened to this site. :/

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