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Alabama is ranked 46th in education so having a bunch of people believe this drivel isn’t surprising. Alternate snarky take; “Christianity can leave you psychotic and a raging hate-filled bigot.” Also, please note the keyword “can”. I’m mostly being a snarky asshole here and I certainly do not think all Christians are hate-filled bigots. The ones that pull this kind of shit most likely fall into at least the “bigot” category. And a third take for fun. Makes sense, these people believe that just going to church makes them a Christian so of course they think doing yoga makes you… Read more »

Old Tofu

I hear yoga can help a lot of ways . . . but it can’t fix stupid


Though I think his reasons for keeping Yoga out of public schools are beyond stupid I think there is a good argument to be made for not allowing it on church/state separation grounds. Yoga – as it is taught by almost everyone is underpinned by pseudo-religious bullshit. It is damn near impossible to find a class or teacher who doesn’t teach at least some of the religious stuff that goes with the postures. Whether it’s specific Hindu belief or much more likely, general, hand-waving, hippy-dippy bullshit. Either way, without someone there (i.e. me) to explain the context of the teachings,… Read more »


I agree with you there on the “if it’s just stretching and 100% secular meditation” part. But I think you’re giving the group that’s protesting too much credit here. Look at just this page from their website alabamaeagle.org/our-values/ These are definitely the same type of people that push for Christian prayer in schools. Different group from the article, The National Center for Law & Policy, says that yoga cannot be divorced from Hinduism. Although, looking at some of the other stuff they believe, I doubt their sincerity there too. They’ve got this in there About us page “The National Center… Read more »


Oh, no sorry. No way I’m giving them any credit at all – they’re a bunch of bigoted, anti-intellectual, hypocritical fuck-nuts. I don’t want to give them any credit whatsoever. I apologise if it came across that way. In fact, one of the most galling aspects of all this to me is the fact that I have to agree with them – in that I don’t think Yoga should be taught in schools, I just have very different reasons – I don’t think anything remotely religious *at all* should be taught in schools. At least not as truth. I’ll give… Read more »

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Yep, pretty sure we’re on a similar page. Probably at least in the same chapter of the book at least.


Absolutely – I guess I’m just a little sensitive to the defence of Yoga you often hear when this debate comes up – that it’s ‘just stretching’. It’s not. In fact, Yoga, I think could be taught in a Religious Studies class.

Last year, they said they might lift the ban but remove everything spiritual:


But if you think kids could benefit from the practice – and I agree with you, why bother with Yoga just teach them Pilates.

Of course, Alabama’s dipshit Christians would probably find a way to disagree with that too.

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