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It’s really hard to believe the president whose answer to solving rampant police brutality was “Shoot ’em in the leg!” can’t even bring himself to address it.


That’s because HE. DOESN’T. CARE.

tiki god

it’s difficult to keep up with all the mass shootings in ‘Merica, I think we’re up to 45 of them already this year

Old Tofu

except this wasn’t one . . . at all . . . or even close.

Old Tofu

this is not a president problem for fuck’s sake , this is a police ,police chief , and mayor problem. they are in charge of local law enforcement. why would you want a PRESIDENT having to respond to every local problem in the country? arrest these cops who drastically overstepped their authority and charge them. take away the power they abuse.


Because, you fucktrumpet, this is a systemic problem – Systemic adjective relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part – and has been a systemic problem for decades. If presidents, past and present, can’t even bring themselves to even address it, then they have failed.

For the love of god, The Speaker of the House seems to think it’s up to black people to throw themselves in front of bullets in the name of healing. And what does big brain Tofu have to say? “HURRR… lOcAl IsSuE…!!!”


If this has been a problem for decades, why are you only speaking up about it now? Why didn’t you lay this at Trump’s feet?

Because you don’t actually care, you just want to scapegoat Biden.

Old Tofu

so i say hold the police , the chief ,and mayor responsible and your answer is “it’s systemic” and offer no actual response other than throwing your hands up in surrender and call names . . . we are in awe of your lack of clear thought and logic.

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