no illness all year long

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    It has been nice that I haven’t caught a cold because of my inconsiderate coworkers coming into the office with a cold because, “It’s just a cold”. We were able to work from home in short stints prior to the Covd-19 thing but these people thought it was okay to still come in to work and then attend meetings in small enclosed spaces. Assholes.


    It’s not your coworkers who were inconsiderate. It’s your boss. Sick days are not guaranteed in America, and there’s been a trend in recent years to combine them with vacation days so it’s all Paid Time Off. Getting the flu can completely torpedo any chances of visiting Cancun that year.

    This doesn’t even get into meetings that should’ve been emails but someone wanted attention.


    We have a “if you’re sick, please work from home” policy so it is my coworkers. I could have been a little clearer when I called that out in my initial post. I realize not everyone is in that boat though. We do have combined PTO for everything so yeah, if you take a sick day it comes from the same pool as your vacation. If you work from home though, it’s just like you’re in the office, only you’re not giving other people your germs.


    My kids went back to school for like, 20 minutes last year and I caught an absolute stonker. Other than that though, it’s been nice.

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