learn to separate a character from their actor

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    I don’t think the actor is in danger of being typecast after appearing in 5 out of 6 episodes of that series, but will be interesting what kind of role he follows up with.

    The kid who played Joffrey in GoT quit acting for long time after his role ended. He’s definitely typecast.


    Wyatt will probably be fine, yeah. If the character sticks around they can try to redeem him down the line. If they kill the character off then Wyatt doesn’t have to worry about it. He can go do a few smaller roles for awhile until a bunch of people hate on whomever the next pop-culture villain is.

    Jack Gleeson quit acting to finish school.


    Tumblr has a lot to answer for.


    I think Wyatt is doing a great job as an actor making me hate the character of John Walker. He’s playing a damn convincing asshole. I’m interested to how the writers have him justify his actions. I think the writers did a damn good job of humanizing Zemo a little bit. He’s also still a bad person but the insight into his motivations was really well done. I also like that when push came to shove, he stuck to his principles and literally put his foot down. I’ll never understand people that can’t separate the actor from a role. Do… Read more »

    tiki god

    I do hope they keep him around, US Agent was a fantastic foil in the comic books, especially when the Avengers had a west coast chapter.

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