the same price as cable

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    While the price has about hit equilibrium if you subscribe to all of them at once. You can save a bit of money by changing which one you are subscribed to at any given time. Can’t do that as much with cable. Like, I could drop HBO from cable, but I couldn’t drop ESPN without also dropping a channel I do watch so that’s not about to happen. It looks like Disney+ has the right idea of keeping people subscribed by nearly always having a new episode of one of their shows premiering each week. Paramount+ is trying the same… Read more »

    tiki god

    or do what literally everyone I know does: share credentials with friends and family.

    or do what I did and pay for D+ for 3 years at a massive discount, something like $4 a month I think it worked out to.


    I think it will be interesting to see how these companies try to, or succeed, at clamping down on credential sharing without pissing off customers. And then the ways customers will find around it. It’s always a fun race. Like back in the day turning on cable TV for everyone in the entire apartment complex so the cable company didn’t know who to blame. We did the “buy for a long time receive a massive discount” for D+. It works out okay because there is a lot of content there for the kid. I know a lot of folks have… Read more »

    tiki god

    the combination of sonarr and (kodi/plex/jellyfin) is nearly unbeatable. having all your content in one place is legitimately and exponentially better than having to log into the 15 different services that I’d be interested in. There was a point where I was using sonarr to let me know when a new episode was up for a show I was interested in, Amazon, Netflix, HBO….they all really suck at even the most basic notification or subscription system. back in the day Hulu had the industry best queue system, but I’m pretty sure they’ve broken that by now.