award for excellent journalism


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    Not sure Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning would necessarily agree.


    That might be as true, but don’t come here and tell me that the US awards actual journalism with anything else other than a life sentence in a military prison.


    That’s a bold claim. Did you research that or just assume it to be true? Admittedly I only looked for about a half hour but I can’t find anything to back up your claim.

    And the last one points out “Within the United States, no journalists were jailed at the time of CPJ’s prison census, but an unprecedented 110 journalists were arrested or criminally charged in 2020 and around 300 were assaulted, the majority by law enforcement, according to the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.”

    Here is an article from 2007 about journalists in a US military prison as you claim. Both were released in 2008. Hardly a life sentence.

    None of that is “life sentence in a military prison”. Bring some citations to back up your claims or admit you were wrong, for once.

    Or as you’re more likely to do, move the goalposts again.


    Yes, I’m sure the only reason the US government has been fighting so hard to get Julian Assange and Edward Snowden back into the country over multiple administrations is to make sure they get their medals.

    I’m sure they locked up Chelsea Manning for so long in solitary confinement is to make sure she doesn’t get her reading interrupted. And the reason they’re still hounding her through the courts even to this day is that the really really want to make sure Assange doesn’t miss out on that medal!


    Obama using the Espionage Act to put a record number of reporters’ sources in jail… I guess you missed this one. That’s okay… I got you covered:


    You have moved the goalposts again. You said journalists and now you provide a link about “reporter’s sources in jail” and not a single one of them is in prison for life as you have claimed.

    In the article you cited there is this paragraph (emphasis mine): “The Department of Justice initially investigated him as a suspected source for the Times’s 2005 Pulitzer Prize-winning article on warrantless wiretapping; it did not find any evidence that he was, but it did discover his alleged communication with Gorman. A grand jury formally indicted Drake under the Espionage Act in 2010. Drake was never accused of providing classified information to anyone, since he only shared unclassified information with Gorman. Instead, he was accused of taking a few classified documents home.”

    So the journalist that wrote the piece did in fact receive an award, like the meme this post is about. They did not end up in a grave, again, the meme.

    And leaking classified documents is illegal. So people are being charged with a crime and sentenced in accordance with those laws. You want to make an argument those laws are unjust, sure, go for it. But do a better job of arguing why than you’re doing about the current topic.

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