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Good read. Now we wait for our resident right-winger to show up with a counter-argument that consists entirely of “nuh-UH!” because he doesn’t want to believe this happens.


Good read, thank you for sharing. Definitely more discussion on consent needs to be happen with tweens and teens when it comes to this stuff. Too bad the simple answer is “dudes, quite being fucking creepy” but it’s real hard to teach that when there are so many creepy dudes normalizing this kind of behavior. The picture and video taking issue is harder to deal with because many of the adults currently raising tweens and teens didn’t have to worry about that at all, or nearly not at all. Not everyone had what is basically a polaroid camera and camcorder… Read more »


We have 2 girls – they’re a bit young for any sort of ‘talk’ but we’re planning it already. Aside from the temptation to do an hour long Powerpoint just to embarrass the shit out of them, the main topic will be consent. Where me and my wife disagree is on the idea that simply “boys should be taught respect” and we shouldn’t “teach our daughters to be scared”. I agree with the sentiment but you only need one creepy guy to slip through the net and he can ruin a girl’s life. Or as likely as not, several girls’… Read more »