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I wonder if that was some guy’s livelihood that went up in flames there.


Not if the owner had comprehensive coverage insurance and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t running a business completely reliant on a car.


I’ve been to a few cities where the limousines I’ve been in (to & from the airport or wherever) is owned and operated by a single driver, where s/he takes it home and into their driveways at night, cleans and maintains the thing thoroughly, it’s an entire life.

Yeah, that limo was surely well insured, but what a heartbreak it’d be if it wasn’t a company car.


Who was protesting Biden’s inauguration do you think…..?

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This was 2017 “A limousine was set ablaze by a group of protesters against Donald Trump’s inauguration near 13th and K Streets in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20, 2017. From “Trump’s First Day.”
Natalie Keyssar for TIME“.
Biden’s inauguration was blessedly quiet and peaceful.


because DC has been occupied by the National Guard since before that day 🙂


Yeah….it sure wasn’t peaceful on the 6th…


Yep, the MAGAts figured the 20th was a set up so they stayed home. Meanwhile fallout from the 6th continues to rain felony hell down on them, and rightfully so.


Throw all the “insurrectionists” in jail for a while, fine with me! Every single right-leaning person I know was completely mortified by what happened at the Capital, but closed-minded people like you equate the whole of conservative, smaller/limited government well-meaning philosophy with garbage assertions like white supremacy and racism. It’s like you believe in your own wild, totally bogus QAnon-style theories on the left. No wonder the rioting in Portland has not stopped.


Who the hell are you talking too? You’re the one that identifies with the Party of Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz and MTG and the whole parade of idiots up to and including the Orange Dumpster Fire. Don’t come at me like Conservatives have a shred of dignity or principles left, you folks sold that shit off cheap to a game show host in 2016 and kicked out the entire thinking population of the GOP as “RINO’s”. Conservatives with well-meaning philosophy, that’s a fucking laugh riot, maybe back in the Eisenhower days. Before and after that “Conservatism” has been a… Read more »


“bogus assertions like racism”… go down to your local bar, or “Social club” like Eagles or Moose, and check out how many conservatives are asserting their racism. That ain’t antifa in disguise you’re listening to. You are the one wildly out of touch, my friend.

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The owner was a Muslim immigrant.

*gets popcorn*


If that’s true, I feel very bad for the guy (or woman, since you apparently know more than me about the situation). Hopefully insurance covered everything and whoever it was were able to get back on their feet.

Did you really expect me to say something more offensive than this?