throne room

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    I wonder why this was done. There’s a shower curtain that goes across most of that setup which tells me this is part of larger, possibly shared room. As a tall person I would dread having to use that toilet.

    I think something more disturbing is the hose coming off that urinal. Hopefully flushing that thing produces a lot of pressure. Still going to get some odor for not having a p-trap in there.

    tiki god

    I’d bet this is in a basement and they had to have some lift to poop into a tank that’s sucked dry every now and then


    A lot of “shotgun” style apartments in NYC (the Village, more specifically) have the bathroom all the way in the back and the loo is usually elevated like this, an antique plumbing thing maybe? Also the kitchen is usually the second room and the bathtub is usually located there.

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