Hurray Things are looking great

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    tiki god

    golly, I wonder why they would be coming to the country of opportunity, and now of all times. Almost like the weather has changed or something?

    maybe there’s even a whole different set of politicians in power in the country now too? ones that won’t keep you in jail or rape you to death in a right wing extremist human trafficking secret society?

    tiki god

    That unsourced quote sounds like bs


    No, your post is a bullshit strawman, as usual. The point is that Conservatives stand for exactly absolutely nothing. You don’t really give two shits about children, immigrant or otherwise, you’re just trying to score points in an imaginary game of NeoConTards are the best Trolls. You have no policies, no moral ground, no Conservative principles, you sold them all to Donald J. Trump for cheap. You have no ideas, no solutions, no thoughtful input whatsoever. Criticizing Democrats is all you’ve got, and the vast majority of Americans are pretty damn happy with Democrats right now, and Democrats have only… Read more »


    When you’re such an ass they automatically assume you’re a MAGAt…..


    More Strawmen. No one ever said that, that is you taking the MAGAt perspective on Democrats that don’t agree with you. And the Democratic Socialist solution for the Immigration is? Oh I see, the Democratic Socialist solution is to call any Democrats that don’t agree with your way of thinking “morons” and tell them they might as well be Republicans. Let me ask you something – where the hell would you be without Moderate Democrats? The truth is all the future holds for you is a long series of elections like Bernie’s 2016 Primary loss in New York with loud… Read more »


    When you’re such an ass they automatically assume you’re a MAGAt….

    Old Tofu

    it’s almost like there has been a multitude of right wing “news” spreading rumors about everything changing and biden making it ok for illegals to cross the border . . . ffs


    And it’s almost like Democratic Socialists are echoing RIGHT WING attacks on Democrats, AGAIN. Go figure.


    It’s definitely how we got Trump over Clinton….

    Last edited 6 months ago by Gropegrope

    Expected better from Tofu!? He’s just a toad who gets off pushing buttons.
    Your feeding valid questions, but the spoon is too sharp for many.

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