Voyager Documentary Indiegogo Pitch Video


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    Nelix is the Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe


    Hated him so much. At least once Kes was gone he and 7 of 9 showed up he was given less and less to do.


    Was “What We Left Behind” good? I have it on the DVR but wondering if I should give it my time or not. The wife and I really liked DS9. I think he’s her favorite Star Trek show.

    tiki god

    I backed that one and got a blu-ray from them, the physical disc was pretty good and the content on it was fantastic, lots of memories shared, some musical numbers and a good 10 minutes of HD restoration footage, if you find it for around $10 and you’re a DS9 fan, I’d say it’s worth the purchase.

    if you don’t want to buy it though, it’s free on a few streaming services: