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A gunman shoots her dog walker, but her only concern is her fucking dogs. Celebreties are garbage and celebrity culture is a cancer.


From the original story there is no comment from her about the dog walker but there is this line, “Fortunately, TMZ is reporting that Gaga’s dog walker is expected to make a full recovery.” So at the time, the condition of the dog walker was known while the dogs were not. In a follow up article it is reported that he’s now in stable condition, “The LAPD added on Twitter that 30-year-old Ryan Fischer, who was critically wounded while walking Gaga’s three bulldogs, is now listed in stable condition and his injuries are non-life-threatening.” There is a comment from her… Read more »


What actually happened was she put a price out on the people who stole her dog, not the (same) people who shot her dog walker. Dress it up any way you want. Celebrities are garbage.


Those dogs are her CHILDREN. Not the fucking dog walker, who is an employee who let her CHILDREN be kidnapped. See the difference?


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So a reward for the return of her dogs no questions asked is the same as putting “a price out on the people who stole her dog”? How exactly? People do that kind of shit all the time with a missing pet. I see signs around my own neighborhood with that kind of wording. People just want their pets back.


Maybe don’t adopt expensive breeds that look like they were hit in the face with a sledgehammer?


This, mutts are better. My mutt is pretty great. He’s really nice to everyone in the family and is quite smart. Understands a bit of sign language and has developed his own ways of communicating when he wants out versus when he wants to let us know his bowl is empty. He’s a good mutt boy.