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And 100,000 have died from Covid since Biden has became president, but that’s not talked about anywhere because your trustworthy mainstream media is downplaying that.

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tiki god

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NONE of the Covid deaths are Biden’s fault. However, over 500,000 deaths are the fault of tRump’s lies and stupid comments like drinking bleach, lights up the butt, and saying that Covid will magically disappear. tRump is guilty of over 500,000 MURDERS. FUCK tRump and anyone who likes his huge, orange, lying ass.

Karl Lewis

>> And 100,000 have died from Covid since Biden has became president <<

Because, obviously, if Biden *really* cared, he’d keep those people alive by signing an executive order that the virus can’t kill anyone anymore. JHMFC I thought the virus was a fake, anyway. I thought it only had a mortality rate of 0.001%. _THIS_ is why I drink.


How fucking stupid are you Mal…?


Stupid enough to think that his views are even remotely welcome here.


Maybe, but it sure gets you “progressives” whipped into a frenzy! I’m lovin’ it.


No, seriously.
How fucking stupid are you….?


Making a complete fool of yourself just to “whip progressives into a frenzy”….?
What the fuck…?

That’s batshit moronic.

Honestly…..how stupid are you Mal….?