“The New York Times Presents” Framing Britney Spears

Directed by Samantha Stark. With Britney Spears, Liz Day, Felicia Culotta, Hayley Hill. Her rise was a global phenomenon. Her downfall was a cruel national sport. People close to Britney Spears and lawyers tied to her conservatorship now reassess her career as she battles her father in court over who should control her life.

A story designed to do nothing other than make you feel bad about laughing at a millionaire’s mental breakdown and physical assault on a photographer’s car. I’m sure that one day we’ll find out more on the specifics of what’s going on behind closed doors in her life, but this documentary didn’t make me feel any better about her situation.

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    Poor girl never got a chance to live. Spent her entire life being groomed to become a brand. Never learned a single thing that wasn’t related to that. Probably couldn’t even make Kraft Mac and Cheese until like five years ago.