Last President to raise the minimum wage was George W Bush

The fight for a $15/h minimum wage has gone on for so long that $15/h in no longer a living wage.

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    That’s pretty fucked up right there. The rich absolutely do not need the sickening amount of wealth they have decided to hoard. People that need that money to buy things like food and shelter do need that money. It would be better for more people and the economy as a whole if more people had the buying power they needed to actually be able to afford to buy the things they need. I said it here a long time ago but poor people buying a billion dollars worth of peanut butter does more for than the economy than it does… Read more »


    But but but soon they’ll be coming after the millionaires lol!


    If people hoarded newspapers or cats the way the rich hoard excess wealth, we’d have them committed!


    And I’m sure he resented signing the bill…


    Nothing to do with an obstructionist Senate…..?


    The House, yes, the Senate, no he did not. He had the potential filibuster proof senate for 4 months.

    “The swearing in of Kirk finally gave Democrats 60 votes (at least potentially) in the Senate. “Total control” of Congress by Democrats lasted all of 4 months. From September 24, 2009 through February 4, 2010…at which point Scott Brown, a Republican, was sworn in to replace Kennedy’s Massachusetts seat.”

    tiki god

    and he desperately held onto the idea that he could be a bipartisan president, even though the opposition was firmly against him from before he was even sworn in.