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So what they’re actually doing, is dropping the ‘Mr’ from the logo *only* so they can package Mr, Mrs and (new) the little Potato heads with one logo. Because having a logo that says “Mr Potato Head” and then a clearly female toy sitting under it was fucking confusing. This is just a product relaunch to wring some more money out of a perennially stupid and bizarrely long-standing toy line. And this is the sort of shit that gets these people aeriated. Why do we take them seriously *at all*? Oh yeah, the Nazi sympathising bit. Sorry, ignore me. Forgot… Read more »


I was wondering wtf would happen to the whole “family” thing, thanks for ‘splainin. Why the hell they don’t just sell one toy with all the different parts so you can make the toy look whatever way floats yer boat I don’t know. Too “out there” for some I guess.


Because some people apparently require their anthropomorphic spud to have a giant donger and a Tom Selleck mustache.


This tweet was posted BEFORE the uproar.

mr potato head isn

When I was a kid, we had to use real potatoes with our Mr Potato Head toys.

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